“Your book pulled me in and soon I was lost in your world. Great read!”



“Christopher…I give you six stars for proving the pen is oh, so mighty. Especially combined with an imagination like yours. As children fall in love with reading, they are transported into the books, envisioning being a part of it. You, sir, have taken it a step further. I’ll bet your children love when you tell them bedtime stories!”



“Where were you and this story when I was a teenager!? Great imagination food….excuse me, revegination. I cannot think of a thing to add. Well rounded and plenty of dream candy to dine on, a delightful feast before departing on a fantastic fantasy voyage. Excellent job and three thumbs up.”



“This is very well constructed, well thought through and well written. Altogether a delightful story. Well done!”



“There is much to learn from you. You put the craft in craftsmanship. You are my guide to craft a great story. “What happened to the king?” The words flow like fluid thereafter, high stars.”



“What a wonderful fantasy. Tremendous attention to important details. Illuminating visuals. An engaging balance of dialogue and narrative. Fantastic, well-etched characters. Believable, spontaneous action. Your storyline held my attention from the start.”



“Christopher how brilliant. The cover is what first grabs me and your did then the pitch, which was captivating. Your book is very well crafted and though I have not read it all the characters are in my head and vividly acting out heir plot. You have a skillful way with words and phrases.”



“Papa Edwin’s fine country house is captured in some very fine description and has so much to offer for inquisitive children to explore on those 20 acres, and so already your younger reader will share in that treat from the beginning.
‘Do you see how the fire dances and makes its own melody?’ Papa asks the gifted artist who is his grandson and, in that question, we can see how the eye of an artist has been passed down two generations.
The magic pen, mentioned with such gravity by his trusted grandfather, seamlessly launches the fantasy element.
‘The next day would come fast for Nathaniel. The women were in the kitchen…’ These two sentences show your craft in moving a scene and a time without a scene break but at the twist of a sentence so achieving a huge saving in drag and advancing to the focus of the storyline.
In the two choices which Nathaniel contemplates, you provoke the thought not only of children but also we adults and I think your first chapter is refreshing in that it suggests a morally uplifting book for young readers in a world where so many books, selling in millions, do precisely the opposite – no names mentioned!”



“A delightful and heartwarming fantasy for children and Nathaniel is endearing as your lead character. Your story is finely crafted, well paced and well written. Your use of imagery is superb and your book is sure to capture the hearts and imaginations of children everywhere.”



“What an amazing idea for a Fantasy adventure…ingenious really. Your imagination has created a wonderful world of adventure that will carry the readers mind away from the real world, which is exactly what a good fantasy tale is supposed to achieve. Nathaniel is a loveable character that will appeal to readers of many various ages. The dialogue is realistic and helps move the story along nicely. Overall, this is a most impressive bit of work.”



“Completely absorbing. I think Nathaniel is a terrific character, and I’ve loved drawing all my life– throw in the promise of magic, and this has much promise. I love the motto at the end of the first chapter. I may just print that up in pen and ink and hang it over my desk! Very intelligent and engaging. Well done and shelved.”



“When I was in sixth grade my teacher would read to us all after lunch. I was already an avid reader at the time. Still, I remember fondly hearing her read The Hobbit or the Chronicles of Narnia. I was reminded of this when I read your novel.”



“This is a thoroughly engaging tale. The reader is immediately drawn into Nathaniel’s world and what’s to come.”



“This is a great idea and one a child will like and respond to. I lived in a huge house when I was a child and I was always looking for secret places. If my children were still young, I would love to buy this for them and read it. Anyone who can draw had my admiration.”



“I loved this book. The pitch is excellent, full of promise of excitement. But lots of books promise excitement and then fall down on the actual writing. I didn’t have to read far to see that you have the writing ability to match up to your imagination and to create a successful book. Nathaniel is a good, realistic character, a boy engrossed by his art, eager to slip away by himself and work on his drawings, but brave enough to explore dark places; a perfect central character. The grandfather, PaPa is another strong character, very individual. His gift of the pen to Nathaniel is well described. We can see the fire, and hear his authentic sounding voice. A powerful, wise, older man is a good addition to the cast of characters in this type of book, and you have brought him to life well. Your style is fluent and easy.”