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I just wanted to chime in and share a few thoughts on book marketing which I am finding out is a monumental task. And it is not just a one time task it is an ongoing campaign and new lifestyle that I must learn to accept and participate in.

It was suggested to me by a friend and social marketing guru that I have to always connect with my audience, even though I don’t have any comments or likes on my blog page, my animated book trailer and now what I am soon to be embarking on which is my booktube channel. That is not ready yet I am just cruising around checking out some of the different booktubers and seeing what the cool formats are and how to engage properly.

Let me stop for a second and talk about booktube. Just in the past 24 hours my mind has been blown away on what is out there. I had no idea there was such a community on youtube. The only thing that I am a little anxious about is that most booktubers are half my age. I wonder if it is possible that they will enjoy my stuff as much as I have enjoyed their stuff. And man there is so much. The online world has literally grown up around me while I have been working and writing and raising my family. I am feeling very overwhelmed and excited about the whole booktube thing and online community of book lovers. My mind has been downloaded with all kinds of content I can bring to that community.


I hope with all this new stuff I am doing I can help generate more awareness about Trankarri and over the next few months to few years can build a fan base who really enjoy the book and are waiting for the second to follow.

So now I am trying to sync all the platforms I am on into one cohesive campaign (now lifestyle) so that the same message is being sent out on my website –, my amazon author page, goodreads page, twitter and facebook. Still not sure how Instagram works but I do have an account there.

Again this is monumental for me because for the past twenty years I have been working outside landscaping and in all my spare time I have been pounding out the words to this book and several others. So the engagement with the consumer and outside world is somewhat new to me and I hope that over time I will get better at blogging and communicating and interacting with those of you that are online and the rest of the book loving community.

And with that I hope Trankarri becomes one of the best books of 2015.

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