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So there it is… my dilemma. My first fiction novel is out and I am in the process – I guess it is now a constant lifetime process of promoting it to the wide audience of readers and I have not quite gotten used to the fact that all the time I have to be promoting. And then there is the constant healthy lifestyle I am trying to get a handle on. And the follow up book to Trankarri which I still have to revise, illustrate and have edited. And of course there is my landscaping business that I am continually working, and through all this I am trying very hard to keep and maintain my joy and laughter even though the pressure to produce is always with me and in me. It feels sometimes with all this juggling that one of the items that is in the air I will fail to catch. And I am not sure which one I wouldn’t mind dropping to the ground and watching it roll off a cliff.

I need to be doing all of them so the thought of dropping one is out of the question. I am just trying to sort all this out and figure out what the best system for me is. It almost feels like an identity crisis on some level but I know deep within my heart I want to succeed in writing but after landscaping for 20 years I am not sure what that success looks like.

I read other bloggers out there and other authors and from my standpoint it looks like they have it altogether and know exactly what they are doing and I am just getting really lucky juggling all this stuff. I am wondering if others have as hard of time as I do with all this writing, blogging, revising, promoting and the rest.

Chime in if you can relate.

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