Special phrases and words in your craft

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Doing nothing, always never accomplishes anything (This is what I tweeted this morning)

“Oh. Well, it is what it is; and it’s not what it ain’t – a world created with pen and ink, and certainly not with paint.” (Excerpt from the book)

Using special words and phrases in writing your book and telling your story is so very important. It helps break up the linear line of the book and adds flavor to characters and flavor to the narrator. It is what Cindy Rogers calls word magic. And it is what makes scenes and conversations memorable. It is kind of like in animation films or shows, where the animator can make their characters jump off tall buildings when we all know in real life that can’t happen. But that is what makes animation, well, animation.

As writers we don’t have the luxury of the visual arts so we have to stimulate the readers visually by using words. And the better choice of words we use the more visual a scene or character can become. They can in fact animate themselves in the reader’s imagination which in some ways is better than the actual visual appeal of a movie or television show.

So make it a point to use a play on words when you can, or give that sort of dialogue to a character. It will help elevate your stories above others.



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