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Imagination is the fuel that propels our thinking and our love for life to great heights. Wrapped in it is all possibility. .

Imagination is such an important element in life that when we are living without it we don’t know how much we need it. Throughout my twenties and early thirties I tried everything I could do to suppress it in my life, I had to keep my feet on the ground and not have any pipe dreams. The problem was that the more my feet were on the ground the more I smoked the pipe (not figuratively). I had to get high because that was keeping what little imagination I had left alive. I had all too died to imagination in it’s real power of definition.

There it was though always with me wanting me to ignite it. Now that imagination and living with all the possibilities that come along with having big and great dreams is on the forefront of my life, my thinking is so much more clear, my priorities are, my love for life has increased one hundred-fold. I’m getting excited about what the near and distant future holds.

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