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Anyone at the top of their field has spent many hours working without comfort, convenience or accolades. and be rewarded…

My observation of success is that it is kind of a strange phenomenon in that those that are wildly successful that have current media coverage were for many years doing the work and putting in the hours perfecting their craft, honing their skill, going without many comforts and so on. And now with 24 media in so many different mediums a person can seem like an overnight success but that is not altogether true. In reality in many cases there were years and years of work being done. And besides that you don’t have to be in the spotlight to be successful or to have a fruitful life full of joy and peace and love.

Enjoy what you are doing and if you don’t enjoy it life is too short to work too hard on things that aren’t rewarding. Change your career path and follow your dream and see what happens.

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