#writeyourstory The Art of Procrastination

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Don’t put off things next week what you can do tomorrow. Living the art of procrastination. Let me tell you it is an art.

I suppose this is somewhat of a hallmark of my life which until recently I have been cool with living with. Now I am trying to find ways to do the things I have always wanted to do but have kept putting of then off then off.

That is a big reason for the daily tweets, posts and blogs. It is simply to build an early morning habit and hopefully begin to build an audience for my book series. There will come a time when I will probably only blog once a week and make it a lot better than these short blogs that are rather insignificant but the point for me now is to develop the habit every day then ween myself back. For too long I have been waiting to do it once a week and that once a week never came.

I am hoping that this daily habit spreads to every area of my life.

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