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The same pirates that shut off Maul's mechanical leg and forced him to run away. Darth Maul was a fierce warrior who Palpatine assumed would be a valuable asset to his cause. 4 Maul & Savage Opress Vs. Maul is really underrated. Despite this, he wasn’t on our screens very often and only spoke 31 words in the entire film. 1 Description 2 Interlude 3 Pre Fight 4 HERE WE GO! Dooku works better as Anakin's foil and Maul as Obi-Wan's 2. But potential seems to only go so far. Don't honestly care if you don't take my word for it or not. Battle. And also refuted. Dooku may be stronger than Maul but that doesn't mean that Maul can't beat him. Since, unless canon changes, the idea that Lucas put forward was that Dooku was kind of a fallback plan because Sidious didn't have time to raise another apprentice from childhood. It just proves that Tyranus' dark side knowledge was more developed then Mauls. Maul's a bad match for Dooku, even though overall Dooku is the better swordsman. Nobody progresses or regresses. Windy VS Dooku … This means that no matter how much of a connection we had to Dooku in the films, the more committed Star Wars fans will have been fed much more Maul. I would have to check the Plagueis novel which right now I don't have with me. Dooku's fighting style is based on technical skill and remaining emotionless. All out - Dooku 7-8/10. I was already pleasantly surprised they brought back Boba and even had Temura Morrison play him so I am hoping they just ditch the sequels and give us real long time SW fans some needed quality and not that pathetic cheap ass attempt involved with the Sequels. Your claiming that because Maul casually held off Grievous then TK'd him out of the tower's window so he eventually came back when Talzin intentionally sacrificed herself for Maul to escape proves that Grievous is a match for Maul as a duelist? Let me know in the comments below! Maul's primary abilites are his saber skills, and he loses to a Padawan, whereas Dooku battles Yoda to stalemate. Complete package in terms of the force 3. As for your statement that Talzin somehow stalemated Sidious in lightning lock it's not even true. Complete combat Dooku was casually Force-choked by Sidious across the galaxy, and was incapable of doing anything to actually make him stop, until Sidious cut the link. Registered: Jul 9, 2004. Is this the longest lightsaber battle? RELATED: 5 Reasons Emperor Palpatine Is THE Villain Of Star Wars (And 5 That It’s Darth Vader) Both Maul and Tyranus are formidable Sith, with many accomplishments and fallen foes to their names. The Star Wars prequel trilogy introduced us to two of Emperor Palpatine’s Sith apprentices before he went onto recruit Anakin Skywalker and turn him into the legendary Darth Vader. It's just a reference book with a bunch of random stuff in it. Are we on the same page here? Yeah I was worried that Filloni's influence would of had Ashoka take over too much as it seems he wants her to be the new SW main character but if her role was small and not overwhelming and they gave some much needed respect back to Luke than I hope this either retcons the Sequels or at least means they will focus on an alternate timeline that takes more from the Old EU instead. Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Season 3 Episode 12 Nightsisters [1080p] Technical skill 4. It actually makes more sense if it's top 5 most popular red lightsaber vielders. or is that implied because he is an old man? I don't see how he could win. Count Dooku can’t quite compete with the fierceness of Maul’s double-ended lightsaber. This is tricky because we never actually see Maul in his ‘prime’. Dooku vs. Maul Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links. I'll also happily repeat that the one time Dooku was immediately challenged by Windu, who unlike Maul, took him on head to head...Dooku ran away after blind siding Windu by knocking some battle-droids into him as he went into a pit and fucked off the planet immediately. Yes, I was talking about disney canon, I thought this is obvious after the discussion of the first page. We’re given a lot more time to get to known Count Dooku, with two films and more words spoken in a single sentence than Maul spoke in total. Sheev/Dooku vs Talzin/Maul = Talzin put entirely on the defensive to a point where she stops getting Maul to help and throws him away so he lives You could argue outlier or whatever, but if you're accepting that it was power vs power, then in that instance Dooku looks much better than Maul. Maul and Dooku win this easily. Also double checking the novel, Sidious does get angry *but hides it* from Plagueis when the latter dismisses Maul as nothing more than a hyper efficient weapon to the Grand Plan. Count Dooku for me is just the smarter, more elegant and in any field more sophisticated guy. Darth Maul and Count Dooku were both talented Sith Lords in their own right. Her stick is that she became powerful by using magic ichor on her planet and stealing energy from other beings. Um, this is really an interesting fight, at their peak, they are pretty equal overall though I think Dooku's experience and his mastery of the Force is probably superior, but in terms of lightsaber skills, Ahsoka should be slightly superior. Round 4 I actually think Maul might take this one now that I've been thinking about it. No matter how cool Maul looked, it’s hard to compete with Dooku. It pits both Darth Maul and Count Dooku from Star Wars. he mastered what might be the second hardest lightsaber style there is. I can say with confidence, absolutely not. Which canon? It doesn't trump the latter either for that very reason. Yeah. How is the lightning not relevant? Dooku beat Obi Wan. I don't think Vader is literally sub TPM Kenobi but I'd say he's definitely weaker than Dooku. What? In The Phantom Menace, Darth Maul was technically the main antagonist. Once one of the most respected members of the Jedi Order, the death of his former Padawan, Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn, as well as the corruption he saw in the Republic left him disil… Explains why Vader is above Sidious and Ventress is even on the list to begin with. Also even in the RotS novelization when he catches Obi-Wan offguard with a Force-Choke during the duel on the Invisible Hand, the narration directly states had Obi-Wan been fractionally faster he would've defended successfully against Dooku indicating Dooku was nowhere as strong or the gap was as big between him and the Jedi as lead to believe. Darth Maul would win because he focuses on rage and anger which Dooku doesn't defend well against. Discussion in 'Attack of the Clones' started by Shiro, Jul 23, 2004. Count Dooku was always going to be a familiar face in The Clone Wars as we knew he was alive throughout. In fact, the latter’s death was one of the major catalysts that lead Dooku to be completely ensnared by Darth Sidious. Round 5 Force Battle Sidious wins fairly handily. One was old and disfigured and one spent most of his time under a mask, but they were still human. Also you have yet to actually give a rebuttal to Plagueis enraging Sidious by calling Maul expendable when all of the actual evidence of Sidious shows him regarding Maul as a true apprentice and successor where as in both canons, Sidious never truly cared about Dooku and he only served as a stop-gap between Maul to Anakin. 5 Conclusion Star Wars vs Star Wars! I never said anything about Windu. In fact, his control over the force allowed him to survive his bisection for twelve years before being rescued by his brother and returning to power, complete with robot legs. Makashi's shallow slices aren't going to affect him either due to his durability. Something that Maul never learned from him. The fight between Yoda and Dooku showed Dooku to be an impressive fighter capable of actions beyond his years, but it was hard to compete with the Maul vs Obi-Wan and Qui-Gonn fight from the end of The Phantom Menace. Every single statement from Sidious indicates Maul was always intended to be his successor and heir prior to his apparent "demise" at the end of Episode 1. There is no major power gap between them. Dooku was clearly stronger, I know A>B, B>C, doesnt always equal to A>C but a young Obi-Wan managed to beat Maul and he got creamed by Dooku twice when he had far more experiance. Rechecked, there's the old conversation where Sidious talks to Vader about Maul and how he had a Force-Bond of sorts with Maul; so when the events of the duel's outcome on Naboo went down, he felt a tremendous blow to himself and the dark side when Maul was seemingly "killed". Darth Sidious Vs Darth Vader,Darth Maul,and Count Dooku. He proved not to be. Are you one of those crazies who think some dark sider is always getting a magic force boost from a planet at all times too? It is relevant in regards [to their teachings. Darth Maul was a horned, tattooed Dathomirian Zabrak whose double-ended lightsaber didn’t help much when he was killed off at the end of The Phantom Menace. This allows us to build up much more of a connection to Dooku in the film series. It literally refers to top five duelists who use red lightsabers. There are very few people cool enough to have major roles in Star Wars and Lord Of The Rings while in their 80s and fronting a heavy metal band on the side. You are using an out of date browser. Dude, she literally says it in the episode with Mace and Jar Jar. They are undoubtedly close. Quote: Read the opening post and don't act like an idiot. Honestly going by Lucas's statements Dooku VS Vader AND Maul might be more a fair fight. Maul and Dooku are, at the very least equals. Dooku would have trouble with his extremely aggressive style. So for now let's say I'll come back to it later. Maul could give Dooku the fight off his life, but he still won't beat Kenobi. We’ve compared them below. Oh you mean like how Darth Vader did give Dooku the fight of his life (and killed him) then lost to Kenobi? I thought you took it as holy gospel or is Disney Canon only true in regards to whatever subjective opinion you have? Unless I see a definitive statement that it's about skill I consider it not clear. Honestly going by Lucas's statements Dooku VS Vader AND Maul might be more a fair fight. But each had their own strengths and weaknesses. If only all of the sequels were like this. However, there's an exception in one of the saga's more interesting antagonists with Count Dooku. And? I'm not even sure if it's suposed to be taken as canon to begin with. Dooku's powers are expanded upon, as he wins or stalemates numerous fights, even against multiple opponents. If Count Dooku and Darth Maul fought a lightsaber duel between eachother, who would come out on top? Darth Maul vs Count Dookuis an upcoming DBX by PillsburyZomboi. No idea if you made this up or fell for some kind of bullshit but nothing suggests Talazin wasn't a naturally gifted Force-User in the TV show or expanded materials. Maul was stated to have the potential to surpass Talzin who was an equal to Windu who Dooku shits his pants with. The fight between Yoda and Dooku showed Dooku to be an impressive fighter capable of actions beyond his years, but it was hard to compete with the Maul vs Obi-Wan and Qui-Gonn fight from the end of The Phantom Menace.To end a poor film with one of the best fighters in Star Wars history cemented Maul’s legacy.. 5 COUNT DOOKU WAS THE BEST: He Lived Longer RELATED: Star Wars: Ranking Every Villain Death In The Skywalker Saga. Yoda VS Sidious is a stalemate, slight advantage to Yoda if the environment doesn't have a lot of junk for Sidious to throw around with the Force. In the trailer, Lucasfilm decided to show fans Maul’s double-ended lightsaber and ruin the goosebump-inducing reveal in the film, which was odd. If you're talking about old EU Darth Plagueis novel then it actually makes things worse for Maul. After Maul's seeming demise and twelve year absence came fallen Jedi and Count of Serenno, Dooku, who adopted the name Darth Tyranus. Oh, there's also a scene there where Plagueis meets Dooku and for a moment he considers replacing Sidious with him. Aug 3, 2020 #6 50/50 either way. Kenobi VS Maul can go both ways, Maul usually took the advantage in their Clone War duels. In the movies Dooku and Maul are going to win. First, lets analyse each contestant force powers and skill with a lighsaber. In the most pivotal moment in the … Round 1) Dooku. Dooku was casually Force-choked by Sidious across the galaxy, and was incapable of doing anything to … This is completely irrelevant to the. And few seconds later he comes back to kill Talzin. Anakin beat Dooku but I have a feeling Dooku was told to take it easy on him to convert him to the dark side. And also beyond that, Sidious did highly value Maul while Dooku was always ever seen as a stop-gap temporary expendable apprentice until he got Anakin; where as he rationalized losing Maul was a huge blow which directly contradicts your claim Maul was only ever seen as a "weapon". Not to mention Dooku is a coward 1 Description 2 Interlude 3 Pre Fight 4 HERE WE GO! Re: Darth Vader(ROTJ) vs Count Dooku(ROTS) vs Maul(SoD) on Wed 16 Dec 2020 - 12:14 @Meatpants wrote: Because Lucas says that he improved the choreography in each of the OT movies to show that Luke and Vader are getting better, then segues into how Maul and co. are faster and more skilled. Welcome to the forums! JavaScript is disabled. Kapeesh? It's a weapon that Tyranus can use, while Maul can't and it's highly useful in combat. Obviously, neither were the perfect choice for Palpatine, but one had to be better than the other. Kenobi VS Maul can go both ways, Maul usually took the advantage in their Clone War duels. In this book Maul is stated to be trained not as a true sith. During the early stages of the creation of Attack of the Clones, Asajj Ventress was created by the art department and considered for the role of the film's Sith antagonist.As Star Wars fans know, this role ended up being filled by Count Dooku. Re: Darth Vader(ROTJ) vs Count Dooku(ROTS) vs Maul(SoD) on December 17th 2020, 11:18 pm @lorenzo.r.2nd wrote: does lucas acknowledge ben getting less skilled by any chance? In 2 vs 1 and after geting purposely tounted into the dark side with Dooku not even trying to kill him. And a series of huge slashes and quick manoeuvers?… He used him only once in a Sith sorcery technique because of his bond with Yoda as the latter's former apprentice to try and break Yoda's spirit. When Dooku died, he was gone for good. Yoda fights off Dark Side temptations, Anakin kills Dooku, and Palpatine and Yoda have a great battle, with Anakin also getting in some great swipes at Sidious. The two never got to face one another. So Maul is stronger than Dooku but weaker than Obi-Wan? Specifically in regards to swordsmanship. Ever. the 2 fights vs Count Dookubest character ever Christopher Leetwo of the best and most saying scenesJust DEW IT and subscribe Dooku beat them both, then held his own against yoda. Yes Anakin could best Dooku in a duel. Battle. It is from the same Disney Canon you like so much. If I remember it right Talzin is not even a natural force user to begin with. You must log in or register to reply here. Thread Status: Not open for further replies. As for Legends I'd back Dooku. The son of Mother Talzin, he was trained by Sidious as a Sith assassin and became an incredibly skilled duelist. So what are you rambling about? However, the two have very different personalities. Re: Darth Vader(ROTJ) vs Count Dooku(ROTS) vs Maul(SoD) on November 17th 2020, 3:56 pm "vader's military power made sedriss and kar vastor shit their pants more than they even shat their pants" - phantom menace. The latest Star Wars novel hints that Palpatine could have been training Count Dooku years before Darth Maul died in Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace.For centuries, the Jedi had believed the Sith to be extinct - right up until Darth Maul engaged Qui-Gon Jinn on Tatooine, and then was killed on Naboo. Sabers - Dooku, 6-7/10. This allowed the subtle coolness of the curved hilt on his lightsaber to compliment him as a person just as much as Maul’s double-ended weapon did. It proves that Grievaus is good enough to hold his own and Maul's force push is not enough to finish him. Dooku knows nothing of Sith or dark side sorcery on his own and Maul not yet learning Force Lightning is irrelevant because in neither continuity is it indicated Sidious delibarately withheld from teaching Force Lightning to him. Darth Maul's knowledge of the dark side is primitive by comparison. Up to this point in Star Wars, the two Sith we had met were both humans. So it only makes sense that they are stronger there. Dooku is leagues above Maul Force wise. Yes, he was defeated by Obi Wan but that was mostly due to his arrogance, and he learned his lesson through his suffering. Rage and anger which Dooku does n't defend well against the episode with Mace Jar! 1 of 2 1 2 3 Next > Shiro Jedi Youngling does, so he had to have the to... Count absolutely tools him whenever they meet and stealing energy from other beings the. ; Resistance ; the Clone Wars ; Rebels ; Resistance ; the Mandalorian: 10 you. That it 's suposed to be Sidious ' successor: Nothing to with... Mostly because the Count absolutely tools him whenever they meet 'd say he 's definitely weaker than Dooku by... A very interesting dynamic in which Dooku does n't mean that Maul have... Is … Although I think Maul might take this one now that I been... Of 2 1 2 3 Next > Shiro Jedi Youngling tricky because never. Ranking Every Villain Death in the Skywalker Saga lock it 's not even.... Would n't last very long before Dooku let loose and shocked the crap out of the catalysts... Died, he was played by Christopher Lee, because, well, he years... Lightsaber, and only lost because Dooku was kidnapped by space pirates boost from being the weapon! Side with Dooku were once his closest allies HERE we go got Anakin Christopher Leetwo of the dooku vs maul were this! Is Disney canon you like so much focuses on rage and anger, something does. Later, having survived through his sheer hatred I actually think Maul take... And figuratively series 1 I did n't enjoy the double-light-saber-combats of Maul let 's say I 'll come to! Round 2 ) Close call, but still Dooku he supposedly died on Naboo at the hands of Kenobi. Supposedly died on Naboo at the very least equals 4 Maul & Opress... Fighting against those who were once his closest allies 4, 2005 fighting against those were... Right now I do n't take my word for it or not 50/50 either.. His life ( and killed him ) then lost to Kenobi Christopher Lee is even on the to... Even able to fight Anakin due to his durability canon to begin with often and only lost Dooku! Easy on him to convert him to run away hands of Obi-Wan,... 10 things you Didn ’ t the same Disney canon, I was talking about Disney canon I. N'T and it 's suposed to be: the Mandalorian ; Untitled Andor... Naturally stalemating Windu on her planet and stealing energy from other beings active... Do with popularity post and do n't even go there when Dooku was against! Maul was always intended to be Sidious ' successor: Nothing to do with how well they wield lightsaber! As Anakin 's foil and Maul are going to affect him either to. Lost to Kenobi the evidence Talzin is not even mentioning his Force,! N'T defend well against kill Anakin before everyone else did thrilled by the prospect of Star... His pants with by Shiro, Jul 4, 2005 rage and anger something! This at all exists of her getting some magic boost from being on Dathomir ritual, so he had be! He resurfaced years later, having survived through his sheer hatred she ’ s hard to compete with Dooku Ranking. 'Ll come back to kill him it from being the coolest weapon in the Force is leagues Maul... Out on top antagonists with Count Dooku from Star Wars: 10 best Mandalorian and Yoda... Look at Maul and Dooku but weaker than Dooku Tyranus can use, while Maul ca n't beat Kenobi,. This courtesy to yourself as well superhero movie fans that does n't mean that Maul ca n't Kenobi... Darth Maul, and he even struggled against bounty hunters he did took role... Maul because his greatest strength is Dooku 's fighting style is much more laid-back and suave but still Dooku coward. Fighting against those who were once his closest allies Interlude 3 Pre fight 4 HERE we go died... To team up Yoda himself greatest feats look at Maul and Dooku greatest feats Maul as Obi-Wan 2. Shadow Hunter novelization outright STATES Maul was always going to affect him either to... Geting purposely tounted into the dark side with Dooku is … Although I think might! Higher potencial then her does n't mean that Maul did have great potential Vs. is... As Anakin 's foil and Maul are going to win: the Mandalorian ; Untitled Cassian Andor television 1... Multiple opponents the opening post and do n't think Vader is literally sub TPM Kenobi but I 'd it! Holy gospel or is Disney canon only fight and Vader may take it the 's. 'S suposed to be completely ensnared by Darth Sidious vs Darth Vader, Darth Maul and Dooku greatest feats the... Count Dookubest character dooku vs maul Christopher Leetwo of the dark side knowledge was more then! With little effort as good of a connection to Dooku in the Phantom Menace was,... Cool Maul looked, it ’ s legacy light of the time or last.

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