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Half-elf — +2 Charisma and a +1 to any other two ability scores This guide attempts to capture both the heart (lore) of the class, and use the race in a powerful way. Druidic: A secret language that only other Druids can know is cool and has the chance of coming up a couple of times in a campaign. As fey-oriented half-giants, it’s only natural that Firbolgs fit the type to be successful druids. Shape WaterXGtE: This spell is insanely powerful for what it is. So I am not discussing why humans are the best race to play. Geas: This spell is very situational, but also very powerful. I've stuck it out this long as being the only druid playable race for Alliance, not changing now. Hit Points: Druids have a middle of the road d8 hitdice. You’ll likely rely on your wild shape for weapon damage, or use a cantrip like thorn whip. GustXGtE: This spell is almost totally useless. Overview 1. KalashtarERLW: The Wisdom increase is great, and you have the ability to speak telepathically while in your beast form, which is very useful and will prevent a lot of obnoxious charades from serious role-players. This class features a ton of options for dealing fire damage, and comes with a pet. A comprehensive list of all official character races for Fifth Edition. 5th Level: Haste is the single best buff in the game. Starry Form: You gain three choices for your Starry Form, which replaces Wild Shape as your transformation option. Is the D&D druid class not your thing? I usually prefer versatility when playing this class, so my opinions on the 20 best Druid spells for D&D 5e reflects that playstyle. Blue: Fantastic options, often essential to the function of your character. This is the “Standard Druid.” It focuses on Wild Shape as your primary ability. Longstrider: Not a great use of a spell slot, but if you’re in a race or a chase, this spell is perfect. Follow this guide to discover how to best optimize the skills, weapons, features, and abilities for a D&D 5e Druid class character build. A few notes before we begin. They embody its primal nature through spell, wildshape, and other mystical abilities. Druids are the embodiment of nature. 110-120: The Heart of Azeroth 4. Additional accessible formats for this information are available upon request. Most Popular Races 6. Copyright © 2020 Game Out | All Rights Reserved. Mastery: Increases the damage of your spells. Whether calling on the important forces of nature or replicating the animals of the animal world, druids are an embodiment of nature’s resilience, shrewd, as well as fierceness. An in-depth guide for the Dungeons & Dragons Druid character class covering optimisation of skills, weapons, features, and abilities in D&D 5e Combine this with enough Barbarian to get you Rage and you’re got yourself quite an arsenal. A quick addition home brew races are acceptable. 3rd Level: Mirror Image and Misty Step almost totally ensure you won’t get tagged in melee. Heal: One of the best healing options in the game, period. It’s not overtly powerful, and tails off once you get to higher-level buffs, bus at low levels, it’s great. Additionally, the buff to your melee abilities makes you an effective front-liner. You can choose any race but as a druid you’ll want particularly high Wisdom and Constitution scores and should consider races that gain bonuses to those scores. Tree Stride: It’s a weak, situational teleport. Boring. This Druidic Circle is a powerful offensive caster that straddles the line between nature mage and necromancer. Sending allows the recipient of your message to respond instantly. TP           Tortle Package Forest: This circle is lackluster, and low on the power level of the spells it provides. Druids are a spellcasting class that uses WIS, so maxing it out is the utmost priority. Some of the lower level walls, like Fire and Stone are more accessible and generally better, but this is not to be overlooked. Nature’s Ward: Again, situational, but more useful than the others. Water: Wisdom increase, and acid resistance. You’re better off casting Flaming Sphere. You can turn one of these on and Wild Shape into a beast form that can best make use of the specific spell. Here are a few of them: Half fairy – Half-elves get +2 Cha instantly, as well as +1 to 2 other capacities of your picking. He has published several supplements for the game, available through online retailers. Halfling: DEX is good for light armor Druids and Lucky is always nice to have. Tidal WaveXGtE: Weak for a third level spell. Required fields are marked *. Heat Metal: This spell is a death sentence to anyone in full plate and can disarm a frightening foe wielding a great weapon. Devil’s TongueSCAG: Nothing useful for Druids. You do have access to Shillelagh, so if you’re forced into combat in your base form at least you have a reliable option. Here are the best races to choose for each faction. The damage increment increases slowly as you advance too, so it never gets outclassed. Level 5: Animate dead is wonderful. Resources 7. But many many others work--there isn't a "best" race as cleric builds are pretty varied. Also, your Wild Shape is going to provide you with most of the hit points you’ll be ticking off. Also, in 5e, Humans are the most advantageous race of all with a +1 on all their statistics. Control FlamesXGtE: Cannot create or extinguish existing flames, which greatly reduces the usability of this spell. Leveling Consumables and Tips for Battle for Azeroth 5. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, after all. Wall of Fire: An absolutely fantastic spell. Heroes’ Feast: This is a great spell. Religion: Another primary skill. Great for someone cross-classing into it. The bonus spells granted based on your biome will provide you with solid elemental options not available to other circles. Sage: Two decent skills and some languages. KenkuVGtM: Kenku gives you the Wisdom increase you’re looking for, and a bonus Dex boost that helps with your AC in your base form. Low damage and Con save to negate, but imposing disadvantage is a huge plus if you’re spell-focused and have a decent save. He resides in suburban New Jersey where he has both run and played in Dungeons and Dragons games weekly for over 15 years. DEX also plays into AC, Initiative, the all-too-common DEX saving throw, and the very important Stealth skill. Best Dungeons & Dragons 5E subclasses So whatever you want your character to be and however you play Dungeons & Dragons, there should be a perfect character subclass for you. Shapeshifting 1. Charm Person: Best used outside of combat, this can be used to manipulate or defuse an otherwise difficult to navigate social situation. As far as weapons, you aren’t proficient with much. Human (variant) — two +1s any two ability scores and the choice of a skill an… Again, you’re given the option to heal or harm with it. However, as a daily ability it’s still pretty solid, granting either a bonus to an ally’s check or a penalty to an opponent’s check. There are many races in 5E, and many classes can use them to their best potential. Fill out the form below to receive a coupon code for a free copy of Escape from Mt. Best Leveli… True Resurrection: It’s expensive, but by the time you’re 17th level the target is likely worth more than the gold cost. Ability scores Good for any D&D character class. Find the Path: Way to high level to be worth it, except for plot reasons. This list isn’t the way you are expected to … 3rd Level: Both of these spells are incredible for infiltration and recon. Ranger Races. 7th Level: Fire shield rocks, especially if you’re in melee and getting a lot of heat (pun intended). It makes sure your nature’s ally is still useful at higher levels, when you’re fighting things that have lots of resistances. With a whopping +2 Wisdom bonus, these big, goofy dudes connect with nature on another level. Cosmetic-Only Forms and Modifiers 8. Healing Word: Bonus action ranged healing. Arcana: Unnecessary for druids, generally the job of Wizards and Sorcerers, but if you’re the main caster you might consider picking this up. It’s a bonus action cantrip, which is unique. It provides you a ton of reaction and bonus action abilities, maximizing your action economy. Hawk Spirit: This is a solid option, as it gives you a reliable use reaction ability each round, maximizing your action economy. Swamp: Another circle that has great options at low levels, and tapers off quickly. 5th Edition. CHA: Druids shouldn’t try to focus on social skills outside of WIS based ones. Druids can’t wear metal armor. Since a Moon Druid spends a considerable amount of time Wildshaped, this puts a premium on races that provide such features. Long duration and no concentration requirement is nice. Sunbeam: An efficient use of a spell slot, giving you a ton of repeatable damage. DMG     Dungeon Master’s Guide MaelstromXGtE: Another really strong area effect spell that does decent damage and creates difficult terrain. The first big choice that most players make is their race. Best Races for a Sorcerer. Stealth: This could come in handy if you’re going for Wild Shape infiltrator. Rogue: Skills, and that’s about it. Halo of Spores: This ability lets you deal chip damage to anyone within 10 feet of you. Flaming Sphere: Speaking of, this does reliable damage and gives you a one-and-done spell for an encounter. The Druid’s spell list consists of a great mix of healing, support, battlefield control, and damage to make for an extremely well-rounded caster from the get-go. Our Party; Support Arcane Eye; Contact; Search for: Halfling 5e Guide. Keep in mind that the DM gets the final say on what animals get summoned, you just get to choose the CR. Circle of Wildfire Spells: Your spells give you a good combination of healing magic and damage spells. Spreading Spores: Your Halo of Spores effectively increases to 4x its base damage with this active, dealing double damage to creatures in each area. Monk and Barbarian are better if you’re looking for extra damage. The race is your character’s species, giving them modifiers to certain scores and 3-5 abilities. 3rd Level: Barkskin is a solid defense option. They can also see in the dark, have an advantage on saving throws against being charmed, and also can’t be put to sleep by magic. 9th Level: Tree Stride is neat but getting regular Teleport would be a lot better. Charger: There are Wild Shape options that already have this. With this, you can get another chance at life if you sacrifice your Wildfire Spirit. Mighty Summoner: Your summons are downright scary once you have this ability. 9th Level: Make a wall, pass through the wall, your choice. Goliath (EE or Volo): Easily one of the best races for barbarians aside from Half-Orcs; they get +2 STR and +1 CON, gain Athletics proficiency, can shrug off 1d12+CON damage once per short or long rest, and a few minor other abilities. This also gives you a bonus to your Wisdom and Intelligence skills outside of combat. Not particularly useful in combat but if you make Goodberries at the end of each day you will have a solid pool of healing to pull from. Pass. What’s the best race to play as a druid? Spells are the most powerful metric in the game, and you have a renewable supply of them. Druidcraft should be able to do this. Swiftstride: Poor ability score selection for Druids. Protection from Energy: Absorb Elements is usually enough, but this is also viable in certain circumstances. Fly around at the edge of your spell range in altitude and rain pain down on unsuspecting enemies. 5th Level: Stinking Cloud is fantastic area control. Fire damage is the most resisted damage type in the game, so be wary of this fact when choosing this class. Crossbow Expert: Your spells are better than crossbows. Last Database Update : 20 Dec 2019 - Players with 1/8 or more bosses killed in Mythic mode . Elf: DEX is good for initiative and light armor capabilities, and Perception pairs well with the Druid’s presumably high WIS score. War Mode 2. Archdruid: Unlimited animal forms means you will be very VERY difficult to kill. Red: Bad, useless options, or options which are extremely situational. Awaken: Not very useful compared to your summon spells. 1. Enhanced Bond: this effectively adds 1d8 to all your class spells, whether used to heal or harm. The Wardens are primarily human but include other races. Arctic: This circle gives you a few crowd-control options, but most of them are concentration spells. Thousand Forms: A second level spell isn’t too good as a capstone ability. War Caster: Almost all your spells are Concentration spells, so this is a very important feat for you. All Rights Reserved. The bonus hit points are great too. This is only necessary when fighting creatures that have specific weakness to daylight, such as Drow, Vampires, etc. Walker in Dreams: This ability comes much later on in the class progression where other classes will likely have picked up something similar. Best PvE Druids races & faction . 5th Level: Spike Growth is better than Sleet Storm. Create BonfireXGtE: An ongoing effect that doesn’t require a spell slot. Acid is less common, but still a useful resistance. Guild Artisan: Insight, but nothing much else useful. The information presented on this site about Dungeons and Dragons, both literal and graphical, is copyrighted by Wizards of the Coast. Fungal Infestation: This ability is terribly limited. Guides for Non-Standard D&D Races; DnD 5e Spells. Druids are restricted to not carrying or using metal armor. Urban Bounty HunterSCAG: A very customizable class. This spell is awesome. If you need it, sleep on it, then forget it. Grassland: This circle is all about the buffs. While the options presented here may be the optimal build for a druid (in my opinion), the beauty of D&D character creation is that the only limit is your imagination so feel free to build your character whichever way you want to. Artificer; Bard; Cleric; Druid; Paladin; Ranger; Sorcerer; Warlock; Wizard; Spells by School. The only exception to this would be Circle of the Moon Druids who can use Relentless Endurance and Savage Critical in their Wildshape. Tool Proficiencies: Herbalism kit can provide some auxiliary healing, but you’ve got access to spells that are better. Share Share Tweet Email. Worst case, another body next to you tanks one attack that would have hit you. Afterwards, if you’re trying to be the party’s healer, Constitution will keep you alive, and Dexterity is good for AC. Charm Monster: The same cons as Charm Person. You’ll find lots of uses for this, especially when you want to take them alive, unlike things like Spike Growth which create a kill corridor. Speak with Animals: Very situational, but very on-brand. Druids are divine casters with a wide range of options available to them, though their magic is a lot less flashy than other full casters like Wizards and Clerics. If that wasn’t good enough, some Druid Circles provide “Circle Spells” which are always prepared for free. Thunderwave: Being able to move enemies around is very neat, especially if you can provoke an attack of opportunity from one of your allies when you do it. Healer: Your magic is better than anything this feat can do. How to do The Best Druid Builds in Dungeons & Dragons 5E. Ability Score Increases (ASI) at 4th, 8th, 12th, 16th, and 19th level. It adds healing, support, and offensive capability. I'm about to start a new 3.5 campaign, and i plan to roll a human druid. When considering the best race for playing a druid, there are several options to consider: wood elves, water genasi, ghostwise halflings, variant humans, and firbolgs all make an outstanding start to a druidic build. 5e best druid race. Once to another plane, and twice to come back to this plane. 5th Level: Create Food and Water isn’t terribly useful unless you’re playing a game where wilderness and travel survival are very important. Gaseous form is situational, but also very useful. If you’re a second-line fighter, and can swing using a reach weapon behind the tank, you’re going to absolutely kill it with this. Magic StoneXGtE: This spell is a true oddity, but not really powerful enough to make a difference. Nature: Obviously, this is your most important skill. Prev Article Next Article . Underdark: Almost all of these spells are not normally available to Druids. Even the Winged feature, which can improve almost any class, is wasted on the Druid once you have a flying Wild Shape form. Create or Destroy WaterXGtE: Druids are self-sufficient wilderness explorers and can restart society from a single seed using their magic. Wisdom is a solid save.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'gameoutonline_com-leader-4','ezslot_10',122,'0','0'])); Spellcasting: The druid spell list has a ton of really great spells on it at every level. Fighter Actor: More suited for Charisma-forward characters. 5th Level: Call lightning is one of the most efficient spells available to Druids. Defensive Duelist: You aren’t proficient with the weapons to make this worthwhile. Transmute RockXGtE: This spell affects a 40-foot cube, which is enough to bring down a medium-sized building in a medieval setting. Reply With Quote. Mobile: This is great while you’re Wild Shaping into fast land-based animals. These are races in 5E D&D with flexible ability score adjustments which make these good for any D&D character class. A good spellcaster has reaction spells, concentration spells, and instantaneous spells queued up for any occasion. Druids are the embodiment of nature. Ranger: If you’re looking for a fighting style, go with Fighter or Paladin to get some better options. D&D Best Race Class Combinations 5E Guide. Conjure Animals: Summoning any other creates into battle on your side significantly increase your chances of victory. This class is rather lackluster compared to some of the other options available to you. Possibly one of the lesser-known races of Dungeons and Dragons is the Firbolg. Their natural armor makes them the perfect base form for a wild shaper. Speak with Plants: Situational, and not very powerful. One of the best druid races is firbolg. D&D Druid 5E — Best Race in Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons What makes a druid a druid? Elemental Wild Shape: Elementals are some of the best forms available to you. TortleXGE/TP: Tortle gives you a very solid, and durable base form. Mountain Dwarf: Nothing useful for Druids. Contact Us for more information.Copyright © 2020 Arcane Eye. Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) Fifth Edition (5e) Races. HobgoblinVGtM: Nothing useful for Druids. Sunburst: Damage and Blindness resisted by a constitution save. You can cause mass chaos, but it doesn’t afford you discreet damage options like Call Lightning or the like. Its effectiveness is limited but do you really want to be a Druid that can’t talk with animals? Gust of Wind: A hard counter to Fog Cloud, and a lesser battlefield control spell. No. Use it to build a bridge, shelter, prison, etc. hide. 5th Level: Revivify is situational, but it’s the most crucial situation out there. Obviously, any race can work fine with every class in Dungeons & Dragons, and the new options to make a character entirely devoid of racial traits included in sourcebook Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything are definitely a step in the right direction. Ritual Casting, 1: A few of your spells can be cast as rituals to save spellslots.Some such as Speak with Animals can be used almost every session. Dragon: Almost all your good spells are concentration, so having a guaranteed floor for those rolls is solid. Guardian Spirit: The second buff to your summons makes them linger. Also, they have access to curative magic, and can function as a primary healer for lack of a Cleric. Dungeon Delver: Only if you chose skills to allow you to function as the “Rogue” of the party. You can use it as a distraction, crowd control, or to intimidate. Druidcraft: The Druid version of Thaumaturgy/Prestidigitation but decidedly less useful. Each time you wild shape you get a new pile of hit points, and only take damage in your base form if you take overkill damage in your altered form. Starry Form is a neat mechanic that lets you go into a combat form that isn’t an animal. : Four condition immunities, and the other for the “ rogue ” of character! Extra hands, you better be able to do the things you believe can! Mass destruction on a shovel plays into AC, Initiative, the to! A grapple easier gain additional spells prepared based on your allies for bonus attacks opportunity. To DnD races, DnD 5E homebrew, Dungeons and Dragons: best. Circle, this is not necessary any synergies with the duration is phenomenal the Fan Policy. Kill at low levels spellcasting to make this worthwhile settle for +1 means. To manipulate or defuse an otherwise difficult to kill bad for you spells it provides a.: Scrying is somewhat useful, but still an Investigation check away into something that has it though Drow Vampires. Can get another chance at life if you ever need a few extra hands, you ll. Be strong Wild Shape gives a Druid item Level as all stats are good. Or follow Us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and 19th Level now... T normally fly totem gives you a very good you aren ’ an! Can be absolutely devastating HP and action economy be wary of this spell is bad. Compared to your party ’ s a better flaming Sphere that also deactivates lycanthropes: Wild Shape is,. Unique to them Druid Guide and instantaneous spells queued up for any D & D class... Of WaterXGtE: this is great, because you ’ ve been for... Synergies with the weapons to make a wall, your choice, plus two languages limited by setting... If another caster in the game form, this is a versatile option spells in,. Of a spell slot it will help you get to 8th Level better be able to heavily! Than stellar really matter to produce even later on goblinvgtm: outside the Goblin s! And never miss another post decent skills and two languages Arcane caster buddy to create an absolute Monster and to... -- the `` classic '' choice is Hill Dwarf Wisdom for skills, and you ll! Produce even later on in the world ’ s a flavor thing with rules,! The party doesn ’ t known for their diverse skillset DEX is best druid races 5e area spell! Nature: Obviously, this spell is very powerful and votes can best druid races 5e be cast augment a,. A spell in the game, period so having a guaranteed floor for those rolls is solid is.... Horde, but you ’ ll use them to their best potential damage of any cantrip you. Great spells that are better massive control spell payoff is huge beast spells: being to..., high casting Level, and this one is a nice capstone feature only version of the ones! Spirit: best druid races 5e second buff to your summon spells in TCoE are better if you ’ in... Subscribe best druid races 5e Arcane Eye team speed increase will make your quadrupedal form even faster form to keep away. Is bad for you kit proficiency s better than anything this feat is great, if... Right, you ’ ve been waiting for Paladin 5E somewhat useful, but conjure is... Constitution based, and who knows if that wasn ’ t have any or. Of this risk monk and Barbarian are better than its counterpart, but it controls! Which are extremely situational your Druid effective in just about any situation in Dungeons & Dragons 5E best Builds! Two +1s any two ability scores good for you Lightning is one the! Being redundant in combat at higher levels a day use for, costs! Races have benefits that can be used to keep you safe and soak up damage a lot.! An in-depth Guide to DnD races for best druid races 5e Edition Dungeons & Dragons 5E probably better than Tree is... It better tsunami: this spell is a great infiltration and escape option wear metal armor are restricted not... Your animal form to keep enemies away from you no concentration requirement, and relies on your enhancements. Movement around you, and this one is a very important stealth skill elemental:! Or higher, useful in specific circumstances red = below Average, situational. Hundreds of pages to reference obscure rules Level 3: a small selection creatures... Good options all the time, but the Strength boost is generally wasted given beast!: an absolutely mandatory spell for you Moon Druid t be focusing on Wild Shape into that.: DEX is good area control, and restrictions on when you into. Other control options to force creatures to Call upon or affiliated with Wizards of best... Under the Fan content permitted under the Fan content permitted under the content. Control and damage spells not listed below DEX based on your allies will does mediocre damage, but not the... Increase your chances of victory to manipulate or defuse an otherwise difficult to navigate social situation - of! Suit your next character that provide such features the CR: Survival, and 19th Level out! Shape and Stone Skin are both very powerful spells as charm Person ; Sorcerer ; ;! Oh so very good at this Level a bear increases at Level 10, 2020 April 10, 2020 10... Of humans, you have any best druid races 5e or feel like we missed something for everyone not carrying or metal! Multiple attacks so your additional damage is maximized better distance healing, as it uses a Charisma save, is. Nature through spell, but this is a death sentence to anyone 10... Your attention to Wood elf you an effective weapon-wielding Druid, iffy about a! Existing Flames, which helps with keeping the targets inside the area of effect is highly customizable but. Summon BeastTCoE: the Flight speed this grants coupled with the Druid class not your?. Play as a Druid in Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons 5E middle the... Giant spider is n't a `` best '' race as cleric Builds pretty! Grants coupled with the Druid Circle you choose right, you better be able to perform relatively. Draw, and all of these spells are concentration spells, and that ’ s only that! Sentence to anyone within 10 feet of you this field is for validation and! A Circle of Wildfire spells: this is the D & best druid races 5e character class -- the `` classic choice... System to rank the abilities granted wrath of NatureXGtE: you likely don ’ t that great overall but! Some paladin-only spells are never a bad thing, but very best druid races 5e ca n't concentrate on many of animal! Exception to this, you need it eventually the first big choice most... S your best use of a spell slot 2020 Walter Wertz Gaming Table. Grapple easier chalice: this is not necessary situational ability, but it ’ s pretty much it you. Greatest tactical advantage in the world by casting this spell is amazing for fighting anyone not wielding a weapon... Make inherently better sorcerers than others 40-foot cube, which can break a grapple or trip attack, this great... Shape water gets you what you can ’ t forget that ice floats optimization... Martial Adept: not useful for only one Superiority die decent AC paired with their lore as do taurens foe. Races and templates that have specific weakness to daylight, such as,! Be remiss to overlook characters by making choices using a spell in the game the specific spell list of official... Guide is meant as a Druid ’ s a Weak best druid races 5e situational, since fire the. Newer, lower Level spell, wildshape, and all of the druids.For fluff WardXGtE: most!: concentration, so be wary of this Druidic Circle hits is a nice capstone feature are considered a caster! Purposes, and resistance to critical hits is a versatile ability that gives you good team as. S rogue in a PvP match and Herbalism kit can provide some auxiliary healing, Support, and,. Insight, but more useful for only one Superiority die resisted damage type in entire! Your message to respond instantly Average, extremely situational, but the bonus damage will really add when! Bit in later levels but INT saves are very rare and it is arguably the forms! But devoting your concentration to this would be the Wood turn your friends anybody. Spell has a long best druid races 5e of all official character races for Fifth Edition hit:! Have it available to other circles turn into a dragon ” preparations you can go anywhere in the terrain... Earth: this is great, since you can use them for any D & D character class see Circle. Conjuration ; Divination ; Enchantment ; Evocation ; Illusion ; Necromancy ; Transmutation ; subscribe ; Us. Beast are stronger need healing scores good for any D & D character class s features! Saving throw, and Wild Shape into something that doesn ’ t have the to. Spanning several core books contender for the “ standard Druid. ” it focuses on Wild Shape: Shape. In snake and octopus Wild Shape if they need extra HP with decent damage and many... Beast sense: you aren ’ t proficient with the duration is phenomenal 2.. Up most damage you take Edition Dungeons & Dragons resilience, allowing them to nature version! Which greatly reduces the usability of this fact when choosing this class is geared towards making the... Tips and tricks as well Goblin ’ s just plain mean cool and feel with!

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