Here are some interesting things about Trankarri that you may like to know:

Trankarri – The Boy with a Magical Pen was originally called Pen and Ink and took me five years to write, but was in the making since I was a teenager.

When I was in high school I did a series of pen and ink drawings of fantasy type landscapes. Then I thought it would be cool to walk in the picture I drew and go on an adventure. Twenty years later I started writing Trankarri and turned that adventure into my first novel. Finally twenty-five years in the making is now the first of several novels based on those early pen and ink drawings.

A shortcut

This is what I drew. I titled it, “A Shortcut to the Horizon.” It was on display in the cafeteria my junior year until someone came by and stole it. A couple of years later I found it hanging in a friend’s room above his desk. Can you believe that? Ink World and Trankarri were initially created from this drawing. I know it is not that great but for a seventeen-year old I thought it was pretty good. It is made up entirely of dots and it made up the foundation for my stories, so that’s a good thing.

It is the first drawing I did in a series of four that were made all with dots, known as stippling. All four drawing are represented in Ink World at some point in the series.


This was the third in a series of four that I did over 25 years ago. This drawing is the inspiration of the Lady of the Waterfalls. However, in the book it is a bit different.


Illustrated by Don Baillargeon

Character study of PaPa – the central figure in Nathaniel’s life and the one who sets his story in motion.


Illustrated by Don Baillargeon

Character study of Tick and Tock McReady (clockmaticians) – A clockmatician is one who has the ability to convert things to seconds through obscene mathematical equations known as clockematics. Tick and Tock are the greatest clockmaticians that have ever lived. In fact, to my awareness they are the only clockmaticians that have lived.