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Kindle (this version is a basic epub version and does not have all the varying fonts throughout the text like we have in our hard copies. You will only see regular fonts and bold fonts but the file is smaller than our high end mobi file that we created making it more attractive for downloading). If you like this version, you will really enjoy the paperback or hard cover.
Hard Cover

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In an attempt to make your online experience with a completely awesome one, we are developing a great subscription called Riddles and Fiddles. When you read the book you will understand why we named it that. Here is what you can expect to come online sometime in 2015/2016.

Subscription will include up to date progress on the development and release of the second book, “Secrets of the Masterpiece.”

Discounts on all formats and future books and products

Riddles and Fiddles – contests (riddles and some problem solving) in which you can win products
Character contests that will be included in future books
Short stories that include some secondary and other peripheral characters that are fun to read but are not included in the main plot line in the series.
Full size illustrations of some of the scenes and characters of Inkworld
Croft Regis Publishing literary scholarships
Trankarri blog posts sent directly to your email.


Please be patient. This is taking us several months to develop. Right now you can sign up for free using your email so that when our subscription – Riddles and Fiddles becomes live you will be the first to know.

Remember the words of Olan, “It’s all possible with imagination.”