Writing for Children and Middle Grade Fiction and the Problems That Arise with Promotion

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I love writing my book series, but marketing it and getting the exposure necessary to develop an audience and faithful readership is tough business. From what I have been reading it is called an author platform. An author platform is critical in making sales and getting the book in the proper channels for the young readers. However to all the authors that are not celebrities or athletes or well-named businessmen or women that undertaking is an uphill battle and the resistance that takes place is no joke.

As of today I feel as though I have lost parts of my soul in this whole process and that just might be me stepping into a field that I had no idea about and the land mines that I have stepped on has definitely taken out parts of me. And the frustration to get exposure is nothing short of maddening. I am writing this post because I feel I am turning the corner in this process and am willing to do what it takes but I will not lose my peace or soul in the process. I have been reading The War of Art and it has been a real eye-opener. I didn’t realize how amateur and immature I was in the way I have been thinking about this whole process – and I’m 44 years old and have landscaped in the heat and cold of Austin, TX for over 21 years. Nothing could have prepared me for the climate of promoting my children’s book to the public. I think it is exactly like my first year in the lawn business – a severe drought, and I questioned my entire decision on whether to go into business for myself.

I don’t question whether I should have written the book or not, I question all the methods I have used in trying to develop an author platform so I can get more exposure. I have a laundry list of the things not to do and to not even waste time thinking about. I hope that me “going pro” according to author Steven Pressfield is right around the corner.

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