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I suppose one of the problems with being a perfectionist is that it takes so much more time to feel like everything is complete. Right now we are working on the shading of the blue on the hardback vs. the paperback. Two identical files on two different formats and the blue doesn’t turn out right.


Then there is the issue with the final last minute polishing of the book to make sure that all is well and there are no holes in the plot and if there are they are deliberate because they will be answered later on in the series. Series? Yes series. The story that I want to tell will take several books. Unfortunately and fortunately for me is that when I started writing this, the very nature of the content had more questions than answers and that is the reason for more books. I cannot answer all the questions in one book then it would be 400,000 words and do you know how hard it would be to market a book that size.


So this will give me something to do over the next ten years while I’m enjoying life. The good news is that at the end of the day I will have a book that I am really glad I wrote and really proud of. I think that is the most important thing.


Now I leave with you a famous line from Olan in Trankarri – The Boy with a Magical Pen.


“No more ‘yeah buts,’ Nathaniel. Sheep follow goat’s butts. It’s all possible with imagination.”

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  1. I have alot of people interested in buying. Ready for a release date 🙂

    • That’s great. One thing I will ask of everyone that buys a book is if they could go to Amazon and rate the book and give a review. Reviews will help in my overall ranking and the higher my ranking the more Amazon will promote within their website. We are fixing the last three mistakes now and then it will be ready. You can go to Amazon and type Trankarri and you will see my hardcover and softcover. That means it is getting close. Also when my ebook is ready I will be selling it at a discounted price of $3.99 for 90 days and the first five of those 90 days it will completely free of charge.

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