Best children’s book of 2015, best middle grade fiction of 2015, best y/a of 2015

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So I completely failed in writing a blog everyday on this subject because after I thought about if for a while I came to the conclusion that it is better to write a good meaningful blog once a week or month than one not-so-meaningful blog everyday.


Our journey into the trade publishing has been nothing short of a lot of discoveries. Just when I thought I knew something I learn something new and that process repeats itself all the time.


Trade publishing is simple in terms that as a publishing company you have to make your books available for mass distribution to libraries at discounts which entails ordering and printing book runs of at least 5000 copies or more at one time. That is an expensive process, so even though that is our goal with Trankarri our beginnings are a little more humble than that and that is what I want to share now.


I am beginning to realize more and more how this process works and I think our model is great for steady growth long term whereas many trade publisher’s business model is to sell as many copies as they can in three months. After that the marketing money typically stops flowing into that book.


Our model is different in that we are continually investing more money into our product, even though it may only be small at this time because that is what our budget allows for.


The good news in all this is activity. I have been monitoring our total activity everyday and everyday something new is happening and that is essential in growing awareness. Let’s face it – no one knows about Trankarri except a handful of people so it is impossible to sell to more than a handful of books. Creating awareness, creates more opportunity for sales.


Last night while I slept we sold one kindle version and one paperback version. That really excites me. The day before we didn’t sell anything but we got a new view on our animated book trailer, and last week we got 9 new likes on Facebook, and our traffic to the website is now up to 137 new viewers, and the week before we were tweeted and retweeted almost 30 times.


All this is activity is great for awareness. Our video is now embedded in 33 different countries with a total of over 225 views on vimeo and 40 plays on youtube. We have 162 likes on Facebook and we have 17 great reviews on Amazon. Since we uploaded our kindle version of the book we have sold one on average of every three days. So now all we need to do is double all of these results a couple more times and then things should go exponential. We have achieved all this since January on such little money it is not even worth mentioning. Now we we will be ramping up our campaign over the next three months with more money. Once our efforts make it to the organic growth area then I am confident that Trankarri will become one of the best children’s, middle grade and y/a books of 2015.


Thanks to all who have been reading the blogs and thanks for any input and support.

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