Best Children’s Books and Young Adult Books of 2014 and 2015 and of All Time

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Day Two:


I just received some more positive feedback from another person that has read the book (actually she is on chapter 12). She said it was right up her alley and she love the world that I created.


This is all good stuff because when most writers are pinned up in the office or study and they are pounding out words on faith they don’t know if what they are writing is going to be as well received as they perceive. I can’t really speak for others but that was definitely how I felt over the past five years writing Trankarri.


So what does make a children’s book great? I think it has a lot to do with character, setting and story. Everything else about a book stems from those three things. So if you are an author or thinking about becoming one, remember the foundation is built on three ingredients. And in all truth I am not sure which one comes first and I don’t think it really matters.


I have an idea about a realistic fiction story set back at the turn of the century so in that scenario I think the setting gave way to the story which then needed a character to go into the story to give it life.


With Trankarri I think I began with the idea of a boy getting a magical pen from his great-grandfather so this book started with the premise of a great story. Then I had to add characters and setting to make the story a reality.


So for a good clean fun adventure story about a boy who gets a magical pen go to for the easiest way to purchase and review the book in one of three formats; ebook, paperback and hardcover.


And so I leave you again with a quote from Olan from Trankarri – The Boy with a Magical Pen. “It’s all possible with imagination.”



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