Best Children’s Books and Young Adult Books of 2014 and 2015 and of All Time

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Day Four:


Last night we ordered the paperback version online at They notified us that it will arrive on the 27th. I guess that means we are live and well. The final three corrections are being made right now.


I will also have a few more friends and family members buy the book online to see what they experience in receiving their copy in a timely manner.


I will be submitting my book to the Texas Book Festival hopefully get chosen to be a presenter at the 2015 event. If it is ever going to be a children’s best book it has to get into the hands of readers and the festival attracts 40,000 readers and is recognized as one of the premier literary events in the country. Even to be a volunteer would be a great opportunity. One person commented the other day that this book is for men and women of all ages not just for kids. I thought that was great.


We are also changing the meta tags to read the title correctly. That will help a bunch.


Remember, “It’s all possible with imagination.”


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