Best Children’s Books and Young Adult Books of 2014 and 2015 and of All Time

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Day One:


This is the first day of a 175 day campaign of blogging using this title. Why? Let’s just call it an experiment. The author of Rich Dad Poor Dad said he wasn’t the best author but he was a bestseller. And there is a difference. Yes I want my book to be loved by children the world over but if it never sells it will never be loved. Kids have to know that it is out there and available.


Blogging, or a blog campaign like I am doing will help to get the word out and by using the title above, which by the way, is a valid and common search term on Google when looking for a great children’s book to read. It is also what Amazon uses when they advertise top selling books.


So why 175 days then? Simple. My book Trankarri – The Boy with a Magical Pen will be complete in about a week or two and then will be uploaded to Amazon and then shortly after that my ebook will be ready for purchase. This 175 day blogging campaign will help to give an account of that process. The month before it goes to Amazon, the 90 day promotion I will be running and then the follow up month and a half after the campaign is over.


This will give both myself and readers what the ups and downs are concerning publishing a first novel, the things to do and the things to avoid, things that worked and things that didn’t.


The first thing that I will be doing is this blog campaign.


And so I leave you with a quote from Olan from Trankarri – The Boy with a Magical Pen. “It’s all possible with imagination.”




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