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Quote by Lewis, “You can make anything by writing.” The joy of writing is to give life to my imagination.

I wanted to expound on this tweet a little bit. When I was growing up, I discovered The Chronicles of Narnia in the fifth grade and bought the whole set with money that I saved up by working in the yard. And when I read the first book I fell in love with Narnia, the characters and the whole idea that you could travel to a magical land and live a life then come back to this world. C.S.Lewis captured my imagination and on a side note that is why I am a supporter of the C.S.Lewis Foundation.

When I began writing Trankarri in the fall of 2009 my story and my Inkworld was not fully imagined, in fact only a very small portion of the entire scope was on my radar. But as time went on and I wrote more then my world began to build and build upon each and every word. Now six years later I have enough material to write my 11 book series with an additional six books as kind of a post trankarri series in keeping with the same story line but with a whole new layer of fantasy and adventure. His words, “you can make anything by writing,” has truly come to fruition in my life and I am excited to see how the next few years unfold with every new book that I am writing.

My world is much different than Narnia but my story definitely has some of the same elements. His imagination has influenced mine and I want to be able to write greatly loved children’s books the way I loved his.

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