Children’s books, YA books 2016

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Write stories for children that you would love to read if you were that age. Draw upon childhood experience.

In keeping with the daily habit of blogging I thought I would share what I tweeted. This is really good though. If you are a children’s author and you are wondering what kind of books to write then simply write the kind of books that you would want to read if you were that age. When I was growing up I loved to hike in the woods and make my own forts and explore new territory. I also loved to hear about the magical lands of Narnia and I was completely enamored when my dad read The Hobbit to me over the course of a few weeks at night. Couple all that with love of imagination and there you have the making of a good book and in my case, Trankarri – The Boy with a Magical Pen. It has everything; adventure, exploration, fantasy, comedy, literary devices, battles, problems, self-discovery, bullies, family, art and drawing. That is the kind of book I would love to read if I was ten years old.

The hope now is that other kids or adults that are kids at heart will like it too.

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