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Until thought is linked with purpose there is no intelligent accomplishment – James Allen. I like what C.S.Lewis said when he wrote that truth is better told in fiction. In that vein I think it is smart writing to infuse truth and philosophy in your fiction story, not that every story has to have a moral but it is possible to be more than entertained by fiction. I want to be inspired by fiction and to have my imagination light up with possibility.

Every good novel that has been written and has lasting influence will at some point delight the reader with their own thoughts on life and death and friendship. J.K.Rowling confessed that Harry Potter dealt with depression and death because she did. And that her stories were also about friendship and loyalty. As a result her books have endured the criticism.

In Trankarri, I write about the power of imagination and love and how it wins out over a corrupt imagination, and I also write about friendship and loyalty in a different way. That is why writing is such a powerful tool that we have been given.

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