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Excerpt from book:
“Nathaniel, do you see how the fire takes on a life of its own? Do you see how it dances, and makes its own melody?”
I wanted the scene where PaPa gives Nathaniel the magical pen to have some weight to it. The way I chose to do that is through a literary device known as personification.
Personification gives more meaning to things that may not initially have that much meaning and help to make the writing more colorful. How boring it would have been for me to write; “Nathaniel look at the fire and how it is big and hot now and how it keeps us all warm.” That sentence for one is boring and for two it has no embedded anticipation to keep the reader engaged. But a fire that has its own life and a fire that dances and makes melody, now that is a fire that has me mesmerized. Now PaPa has my full attention.
All that is achieved through personification

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