Leadership Thought on Life

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The vision you have in your mind is the reality of what shall be as you stay true; diligent. This a paraphrased quote from James Allen in his little book, As a Man Thinketh. Its philosophy however, is timeless and it is one of those statements that I have meditated on and worked towards since I was 19 years old when I first discovered James Allen.

Now I’m 44 and the vision of what I wanted to become has in many ways come to pass in the experience and in the reality. There are some things that I have still not accomplished but more and more I am working harder and harder, and smarter to achieve that which is in my heart. So the diligence that I am speaking of is that daily little by little persistent action that may not look like much now but in a year or two it will pay great dividends in many ways.

So I encourage anyone who discovers this blog entry to go forward with the vision that stirs in your mind and heart and remember that the giant Oak tree was once a very small acorn. You cannot shortcut the process of true success and fruitfulness. To win the world and lose your soul is a horrible thing, but to win the world and become a powerful soul that others can look to for guidance – now that is something to behold and something to strive for.

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