The Upcoming Launch of Trankarri

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Well it has taken five years and three months since the original idea came to me to write this story. Since August of 2014 we have been in continual formatting mode and final edit mode just to make sure that all is well and that I have done everything that I could to bring the best possible book to the children and young adult market. I went through the book twice to make sure there are no holes and if there are, they are deliberate and I will address them as the series goes on. I also went through to make all possible changes before the first print run. After that it begins to get expensive to make changes. The book cover also has been a major work with many trials and errors. Finally I think we have one that we can be proud of and that stands out among the many others.


We have also worked very hard on the website and the promotional video. We will be launching that officially along with the book sometime in January 2015. Then I will be working on my Amazon page and Publisher’s Weekly page for indie authors and so much more. I have 24 libraries that are in line to receive books for March and that is really exciting.


The Kindle version will be ready also sometime in January and that will make it very convenient for anyone with $7.00 to purchase a copy.


I am very excited about this upcoming launch. Once I have a hundred in my hand I will also be doing a book launch somewhere in north/northwest Austin and will be inviting some media friends and many others around the city to come out and support their local authors and that may be around the same time as the librarians receive theirs. This is very exciting times. I have put in countless of hundreds, if not thousands of hours on this project. I hope children and their parents will enjoy the story for years to come.



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