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Set into motion today what you want your life to be in the future and it will come to pass if you’re diligent.

Many people ask how I have time to write a full length children’s novel when I run a landscaping business, have a wife and two young children at the house to raise, and a house to upkeep.

The answer is that I set in motion what I want to accomplish and don’t look back or make excuses on why I cannot complete what I started. The truth is I don’t know the stats of football players, not sure who rookie of the year is in the major leagues, have no idea about who will be in the final four come March, and I cannot tell you anything about the zombie apocalypse or the television shows that surround zombies and vampires.

So once I cut out all the television watching I had loads and loads of time that I could do something with. And slowly I added one thing on top of another as I became good at my scheduling.

In the end diligence rules. If you want to accomplish great things you must be diligent in what you put your mind to and let everything that does not propel you in that direction to fall to the side.

And the great things don’t start out great. It starts with something small then builds little by little over time until it becomes great. That is a valuable lesson that everyone should learn, for it is worth knowing.

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