Thought Leadership on Success

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Breaking the mental barrier is the hardest thing to do before achieving high levels of success. Therefore success must mean on some level that having the right mentality on life and work and family is success. Rather than success being some type of outward goal or achievement like having x amount of money in the bank or being able to travel once a year or all the other things we (I) label as success, success really is a state of the mind and heart.

Looking back on my life as I was growing up, everything I ever did I did extremely well and didn’t need to give it much thought because my frame of mind was correct. As I got older though and went through my fair share of trials and sins my mindset shifted to a low level of thinking, especially about myself and that lasted for years so everything I did in order to succeed was so hard. I tried and tried and tried but never was able to do things with ease like I did when I was young.

I would try to be organized, I would try to eat healthy, I would try to be a successful landscaper and business owner, I would try to be a successful children’s author. Then I realized when I was young I didn’t try to be organized I was organized, I lived organized. When I was young I didn’t try to live healthy, I lived healthy. So the mental barrier for me was to take a large step out of trying to do successful things and just live the way I wanted to live.

So in conclusion I don’t try to live organized, I live organized; I don’t try to eat and live healthy, I live and eat healthy; I don’t try to work hard in all that I do, I work hard in all that I do. I don’t try to be a good husband and dad; I am a good husband and dad. This trying bull crap is just an excuse to be lazy and inefficient with my talents and resources. To live in the fullness of what I have been given and what I want to achieve is success. Outward circumstances and surroundings and achievements will manifest themselves in due time as I live according to the mental success of living successful.

Now that my mental garden is free of those horrible weeds of bad thinking it is my highest duty to keep my mental garden free of the things that want to choke out what I have planted. A good, healthy thought life is essential to achieving and maintaining a fruitful life in every area of life.

This year there are 13 writing contests that I am going to enter. If I win or not is not the point with me, the fact that I entered them is going to be achievement enough. This year I am going to get a book distributor and am going to be in libraries across the country. This is not something I am going to try to do this is something I am going to do. I am going to build on all the things that I have already accomplished and start the year in the positive flow of live not the negative flow of trying. I am going to make my blogs more meaningful this year. I am going to finish my second book in the series this year and am going to take my family to Disney World.

Trying is over, living has come.

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