Trankarri Update

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We are currently working on a fantastic book trailer. They take a long to do them right. We are animating the whole thing and then adding some voice over aspects and some quality music on top of that. It should be ready in the next month or two.

In the meantime I am doing one more read-through and then it’s sent for interior design and layout, e conversion and all that fun stuff.

I am also still waiting on three more illustrations and the book cover.

Here is an excerpt from chapter one:

He heard the sound of branches breaking in the background, then a voice. He whirled around and saw a pimply teenage boy, who demanded, “You’re the little twerp who built this fort?” He was tall and menacing, backed up by two other boys. All three teenagers had a bad look about them.

“Yeah, I built it. What’s it to you?”

The leader, who was skinny with messy black hair, sneered, “Hey guys, we got us a live one here. Be on your guard!”

“Yeah, tell me,” said another, “are we going to spend a year in the dungeon?”

“Look, I was just playing. Why don’t you go away and leave me alone?”

“No…let’s see how tough you are, seeing as how you’re the king,” the leader said.

“All hail the king,” the third teenager said, as he bowed low to the ground.

They advanced on him. Nathaniel looked to the right and left, trying to find the easiest way to run past them, but found himself steadily backing up.

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