Thought Leadership on Success

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Breaking the mental barrier is the hardest thing to do before achieving high levels of success. Therefore success must mean on some level that having the right mentality on life and work and family is success. Rather than success being … Continued


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Read and write every day and see what happens in five years. I am working on a philosophy of life and this is on the list of things to live by. Read the statistic of how many people don’t read … Continued

literary device

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In the right mind you can find a way to be kind during the grind without turning a blind eye to those in a bind. I wanted to write an encouraging word using a literary device. Can you guess the … Continued

#writeyourstory using literary devices

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Excerpt from book. “Because every riddle plays like a fiddle and every tattle shakes like a rattle.” Using literary devices in story telling is a wonderful thing. They change the pace and add flavor to your writing. Different literary devices … Continued

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